Tel Dor Excavation Project

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Tel Dor 2007

June 26 - July 28

The 2007 excavation season will extend from June 26 through to July 28.

Registration options:

  1. With Prof. Stroup's group and North Americans interested in classical archaeology (registration closed, please apply by option 3, below)
  2. With Prof. Bloch-Smith's group and North Americans interested in biblical periods (registration closed, please apply by option 3, below)
  3. Individuals from countries besides the United States and Canada (apply in English or in German)


are at the Nahsholim hotel - one of the best-rated seaside resorts in the country - a two-minute walk from the site, the beach and the museum. All units - of up to four persons per unit - are air-conditioned, have en-suite showers and kitchenettes and cable TV (upgrades and other amenities, e.g. in-room phone or internet connection, may be available at extra cost). The hotel provides half board, and a light lunch will be provided by the expedition. Various amenities (sports facilities, diving, boating & sailing, trips, bar, restaurants) are available at the resort and/or adjacent beach.

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We offer 'gourmet archaeology': we will provide you with the very best archaeological and intellectual experience that money can buy; you will work hard, and deserve the very best in accommodations, settings, and amenities.

Iron Age pottery from the site The Tel Dor project is devoted to investigating one of the largest coastal cities in ancient Israel. Excavations were carried out from 1980 to 2000 by an expedition headed by Ephraim Stern of the Hebrew University. A new consortium, consisting of two Israeli and several American universities, as well as a large multi-disciplinary and multi-national team of scholars and experts, has reopened the excavation, using it as a testing-ground for new techniques and technologies for extracting information about the past. In addition to continued archaeological exploration of this fascinating site, our consortium is committed to bring the finds of the previous expedition to final publication, and to begin to conserve the site and prepare it more fully for public access.
If you are interested in making a donation to help continue this work, or simply in contacting someone to discuss the possibility of future support, click here.

Mosaic fragment Our objectives for this season include:

Glasshouse museum

Participants will be engaged in all facets of state-of-the-art field archaeology, including excavation, digital registration of architecture and artifacts using advanced graphics and database software, on-site scientific sampling and analysis of deposits and other eco-facts in a variety of techniques, analysis of finds and stratigraphy, and site conservation.

Volunteers will gain proficiency in these subjects as they work in close quarter with the professional and academic staff of a front-line international interdisciplinary project.

We hope to see you at Dor!
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