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01 October 2012

Gilboa,A., Tal,A., Shimshoni,I. and M. Kolomenkin. 2012. Computer-based, automatic recording and illustration of complex archaeological artifacts. Journal of Archaeological Science, on-line

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05 April 2012
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Nov 2011
Summer 2012. A study season will be conducted between June 24 and July 20 in the project office in the Glass House Museum, Kibutz Nahsholim.
30 Sept 2011
Post-2011-Season database is available on-line (for authorized users only).
Jan 2, 2011
Make a Gift — University of Washington

Want to help students out with a gift of $20 or more? Give to the "Friends of Tel Dor" account to help send students to the UW Tel Dor Field School.

Dec 10, 2010
The last storm we had in late December damaged many of Israel's coastal sites, including Dor, where damaged was caused mainly to the southern slope of the tell. See photo report on Facebook
Sept 20, 2010 Apollo signet ring discovered at Tel Dor
  • Official Press Release
  • Apollo discovery tells a new story. ScienceDaily. (Retrieved September 22, 2010)
  • 25/09/2009 Rare portrait of Alexander the Great found at the Tel Dor Excavations
    Official Press Release
    Intrview with Prof. S. Stroup
    University of Haifa News

    In the news worldwide:
    The Seattle Times
    University of Washington
    23/06/2009 We are happy to announce the further expansion of the Dor Family:
    Alon, born to Hagar (and Roee)
    Modi, (Ilans' grandson)
    Daniel, born to Tali (and Guy),
    Ido, born to Barak (and Yiscah),
    David, born to Sveta (and Zinovi),
    Itamar, born to Paula (and Dothan),
    and Itamar, born to Lidar (and Gideon),
    Maya, born to Effie (and Yael),
    and another Itamar, born to Roee (and Sharon).
    December 4, 2009
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    The University of Haifa International School 2010 Fieldschool in Archaeology at Dor.
    Dor-2008 Preliminary Report is on-line!
    2009 Conservation course confirmed.
    Haifa University ratified Ravit Lin's proposal to re-open the course in archaeological architectural conservation in Tel Dor during the 2009 season contingent on at least 12 students signing up. Israeli students may register to the course through Haifa University (052-3525930,, and North American students via Penn State.
    The Penn State University Summer Education Abroad Ptogram at Dor.
    This program will include beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of archaeological fieldwork. The introductory-level excavation course (CAMS/JST 499C [3 or 6 credits]) will introduce students to archaeological field methods, a general overview of the history and material culture of Ancient Israel and the eastern Mediterranean, and hands-on artifact processing. The conservation and public archaeology course option (CAMS/JST 499D [3 credits]) will entail conservation of on-site architectural remains and interaction with the various communities and shareholders involved with the preservation and interpretation of these sites. Intermediate and advanced level fieldwork (CAMS/JST 597 or independent study [3 or 6 credits]) will include training for professional staff and supervisory positions, field documentation, surveying, and artifact analysis. Lectures, excavation, lab work, and field trips to archaeological sites and museums will comprise the course content.
    Ocean County College Field School at Dor will take place on July 5 - 25. The program will include: field and museum work, evening lectures and sunday excursions. Members of the community are welcome to participate on a non-credit basis. Students will be enrolled in ANTH 250: Archaeological Field School for three college credits. For more information and application visit the program website at
    2008 End-of-season Slideshow is on-line
    The UW Tel Dor Field School website is launched!
    ASOR Annual Meeting , San Diego, November 14 - 17, 2007.
    "midor ledor bedor - New Insights from Tel Dor" - view papers and photos
    Updated Dor bibliography on-line!
    Dor - 2007 on U-Tube
    from JChristopherSA and hdanie1
    Dor - 2007: Updated version of the database (Dor_Master_Sept2007.mdb) is on-line!
    ASOR Annual Meeting
    November 14 - 17, 2007
    midor ledor bedor - Tel Dor session
    Season phone number: +972 (0)52 851 2472
    Cell-phone rental: Talk'n'Save
    Volunteers Info (pdf file)
    Transport from the airport
    3D models of the 2006-finds are online!
    PRACTICAL CONSERVATION COURSE, 15 - 20 July 2007 - Apply now!
    WENDY J. GOLDHIRSH TEL DOR FELLOWSHIP - Call for proposal - 2007