Tel Dor Excavation Project

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Dor 2008 Preliminary Report

Table of Content

Area Supervisor's reports

*Area supervisor's report texts are in open access. The full versions are available for download for staff members only. Authorization is required.

Area D2
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Area D4
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Area D5
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Preliminary Information / Credits

Ilan Sharon (Hebrew University), Ayelet Gilboa (Haifa University)
Associate / Group Directors:
Sarah C. Stroup (University of Washington, Seattle),
Elisabeth Bloch-Smith,
Magdel Leroux (University of South Africa),
Area supervisors:
Yiftah Shalev (Haifa University), Talia Goldman-Neuman (Hebrew University and Weizmann Institute), Avshalom Karasik (Hebrew University and Weizmann Institute).
Unit Supervisors:
Ryan Boehler, Colin McFeron, Jenna Nace (University of Washington, Seattle), Hagar Ben-Bassat (Haifa University), Emilia Jastrzebska.
Bronwen Manning (Hebrew University), Trevor Layman (University of Washington, Seattle), Abram Goodstein.
Field Drawing:
Svetlana Matskevich (Hebrew University),
Registrars / Museum Staff:
Barak Monnickendam-Givon (Hebrew University), Paula Weimann (Haifa University)
Architectural conservation:
Ravit Linn (Haifa University)
Ro’ee Shafir (Haifa University)
Artifact conservation:
Miriam Lavi (Hebrew University)
Pottery restoration:
Amit Rosenblum (Haifa University)
Ro’ee Shafir (Haifa University)
Annalisa Ferrari (University of Florence)
Lidar Sapir (Tel Aviv University)
Yoav Farhi (Hebrew University)
Rosa Motta (University of Virginia)
Amit Rosenblum (Haifa University)
Artifact drafting:
Vera Damov (Haifa University)
Computerized imaging
Rotem Segal (Haifa University)
Independent academic participants:
Christopher Monroe (Cornell University)
Coen Nienaber (University of Pretoria).


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