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Ayelet Gilboa

Ayelet Gilboa

The Tel Dor project co-director and a professor at the Department of Archaeology, the University of Haifa, Israel.

Her Ph.D. dissertation from the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is on the beginning of the Phoenician material culture. She has excavated at Dor since 1980.

She teaches in the Department of Archaeology at Haifa University and for many years was an editor of 'Atiqot and IAA Reports, the Israel Antiquities Authority's monograph and excavation-report series. She has published extensively on Iron Age ceramics, Iron Age chronology, Mediterranean interconnections, Phoenicians, Sea Peoples, and Dor, and won several prestigious grants.

Her main current projects, other than the publication of Dor, are:

  • the Iron Age Dating Project (radiometric dating of Iron Age sites in Israel; with Dr. Elisabetta Boaretto and Prof. Ilan Sharon);
  • Petrographic and stylistic study of Phoenician commercial containers in the East Mediterranean (with Prof. Yuval Goren);
  • New Insights into the Levantine Coast under Achaemenid Rule: A Study of East Greek Wares (with Prof. Gunnar Lehmann and Yiftah Shalev).
  • She is collaborating with Prof. Ilan Shimshoni of the Department of Management Information Systems at the Haifa University and Prof. Ayellet Tal of Electrical Engineering Department at the Technion Haifa, in the development of algorithms for the computerized imaging and analysis of archaeological objects, in collaboration with Prof. Uzy Smilansky and Prof. Ilan Sharon.

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