Tel Dor Excavation Project

Tel Dor office
Institute of Archaeology
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus 91950
Jerusalem, Israel
Tel. +972 (0)2 5881304

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Volunteer & Staff Positions

The excavations at Dor owe their success to the hundreds of students and volunteer workers who have participated in the project over the years.

Volunteers are recruited by the participating institutions. The programs offered by the various institutions may vary somewhat, but all are based on the shared experience of actual digging at Dor and the expertise of the professional staff there.

If you are in Israel, you may also call the Jerusalem office: (972)-2-5881304.

Staff is recruited both by the participating institutions and centrally by the project. Professionals and/or experienced students seeking a staff position are encouraged to enquire at some or all of the contact addresses above. Depending on availability, we usually offer a number of internships/trainee staff positions at cost-sharing prices. For details please inquire at e-mail. We also seek office/museum workers. This work may be fit for disabled persons or others who are not up to long hours of physical labor in the sun. Special discounts may apply for persons volunteering for office work. Please contact us (