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The University of Haifa
2010 Fieldschool in Archaeology

In Collaboration with the Tel Dor Archaeological Expedition

July 6th - August 12th

Download the Fieldschool brochure (in PDF format) here

The fieldschool will take place between July 6th and August 12, in conjunction with the 2010 excavation season at Tel Dor. Participants in the fieldschool will be lodged with the rest of the Dor expedition at the Kfar Galim boarding school, just south of Haifa.

The fieldschool consists of two parts:

(1) Hands-on Archaeology in the Field.
Excavating in the field, under the excavation's senior staff (square and area supervisors), under the supervision of the project's directors. It includes participation in all facets of the excavation procedure. Excavation is conducted 5 days a week (Monday through Friday), 8 hours a day. In all, about 200 hours of field work.
Three credits are offered for this part of the fieldschool, or two credits for participation in only half of the excavation season.
Participants will be required to hand over a field report at the end of their work. This part of the fieldschool can be taken independently of Part 2.
(2) Artifact Processing, Exercises and Lectures/Classes.
These take place in the afternoon, four days a week (Monday through Thursday). They include:
(a) Pottery and/or (animal) bone washing and sorting (1.5 hours each day, 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm).
(b) Practical exercises on the tell and lectures on various topics concerned with the archaeology of Israel and its settings, and the Archaeology of Dor. Lectures are delivered by the project's directors, group leaders (also University Professors), the Tel Dor senior staff, and invited lecturers.
Three credits are being offered for this part of the fieldschool. Part 2 of the fieldschool can be taken only in conjunction with a full participation in Part 1.

Core lectures include:

All lectures will be given in English.

Core tours include: general tell tour; general Dor Museum tour (tours to the various excavation areas are conducted during work hours).

Core exercises:

Two to three lectures per season are delivered by invited guests specializing in related topics. Lectures given in the last 3 years are, for example: Underwater Archaeology at Dor; The Archaeology of Metals; Geo-morphology of the Carmel coast; Malacology: Shells and the Archaeological Record.


Program tuition including full room and board and transportation during the season:

Students who would like to receive academic University of Haifa credit for the coursemust pay an additional $150 fee (or the equivalent in Euro or New Israeli Shekel). An academic transcript issued by the University of Haifa International School will be sent in the mail 4 weeks after the programs ends.
Tuition does not include health insurance and all program participants are required to arrange for valid health insurance for the length of the program at Tel Dor.

Registration is done via the Tel Dor Excavations office.
For the fieldschool details contact:

Dr. Ayelet Gilboa
Co-director, Tel Dor excavations
Chair, Dept. of Archaeology,
University of Haifa, Mount Carmel,
Haifa 31905, Israel
Tel: 972-4-8240234 (secretary), 972-4-8240531
Fax: 972-4-8249342; Fax home: 972-4-6397893

Download the Fieldschool brochure (in PDF format) here