Tel Dor Excavation Project

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Institute of Archaeology
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus 91950
Jerusalem, Israel
Tel. +972 (0)2 5881304

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Current Funding

Our volunteers are our largest single source of support. Apart from freely donating their expensive time and priceless enthusiasm, volunteers contribute a participation fee. We depend on, welcome and cherish each volunteer. However, the larger our volunteer-force during the season the more volume we excavate, and the more finds we have - and that means more non-permanent staff during the season, more drawing, photographing, restoration, display & storage space, more areas that would ultimately need conservation, etc. The participation fees help to underwrite the immediate expenses incurred by the volunteers during the season and hence enable us to let more of them share the experience.

The main contributions of the participating institutions are indirect. They often subsidize the participation of their students and staff members, and provide facilities for post-excavation research by their faculty and/or graduate students. They also make available conduits by which donations and grants may be accepted and monies administered. Donations may be given to the academic institutions and earmarked for the Tel Dor project. We are particularly grateful for the Israel Exploration Society for providing us with minimum-overhead financial administration.

Much of the research conducted at Dor is funded by competitive grants obtained by members of the consortium either for specific Dor-related research, or for spin-off projects and ones in which facets of the site of Dor or finds in it are considered in wider contexts. Granting bodies supporting the project in this way include:

Various bodies have helped us in equipment, materials, work-time or free expertise. These include:

All the above sources notwithstanding, the mainstay of any long-range large-scale archaeological project are donations and endowments from individuals and foundations. The Dor project gratefully acknowledges the charity of the following individuals and organizations:

Additional donors wish to remain anonymous.