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The Dry Docks

Three rock-cut installations on the west side of the tell, near Area E, have been identified as ancient dry docks. Docks such as these are known in other ports in the Mediterranean, and they served either for repairing ships, or for dry-storage of war galleys.

The "Love Bay"

This is the smallest (and most shallow) of the three bays around Dor. The commercial ports were located in the larger bays to the north and south of the Tell. This enclosed cove may have served small craft, or it may have served as the military harbor, as there are two dry docks leading to it.

The Quays

The quay Below Area D2, in the shallows of the southern bay, is a ramp-like structure built of huge ashlars, sloping into the sea. These are the remains of a harbor quay, which, by their stratigraphic position precede the construction of the "monumental building" in area D2. Thus, they must date either to the very beginning of the Iron Age, or to the Bronze Age.