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Sediment Analysis

Research at Dor by the Kimmel Center for Archaeological Sciences group at the Weizmann Institute

On-site lab - Tel Dor 2003, Area G The sediments that are deposited during site occupation, after occupation and by natural processes, can all provide information about the archaeology. Their analysis begins with careful field observations on-site using a combination of field observations, with on-site analyses of the nature of the sediment mineral, morphological and elemental analyses. We operate a portable laboratory located right next to the excavation area under investigation. We use X-ray fluorescence to analyze for mainly heavy metal concentrations, infrared spectrometry to identify mineral and organic components of the sediments and a petrographic microscope. These analyses take only a few minutes and allow for the initial investigation of the site in real time as the excavation is underway.

This is followed up with analyses in the laboratories at the Weizmann Institute, often with frequent visits to Dor during the period between excavations. The following are examples of the analyses we perform in the laboratory: