Tel Dor Excavation Project

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Drawing over Relief

D.o.R. is a computerized automatic system to illustrate complex archaeological objects.

The illustrations are based on 3D scans of the artifacts. The 3D models can be automatically translated, by new algorithms specifically designed for this purpose, into 3D or 2D line drawings; into colored images that emphasize the salient shape attributes of the artifacts and of the 3D designs on them; and to images that enhance faint/eroded designs that are otherwise difficult to discern.

These illustrations are intended to replace traditional, manual drawings, which are very expensive to produce and not accurate enough. D.o.R. illustrations also provide a better visualization tool than the 3D models themselves. Though 3D scanning already improves the visibility of objects and their features, it does not suffice for rapid visual recognition. The system generates efficient, objective, accurate and simplified representations of complex objects and the designs on them from any number of required views.