Tel Dor Excavation Project

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Dor 2006 Preliminary Report


The Haifa University conservation course at Dor was repeated this year - helped by excavation volunteers. There were three objectives for conservation this year:

Work in area H was concluded. The walls of the early Roman building left standing in this area were consolidated and the pathway through the area finished.

Concurrently, a pilot-study was conducted in the 'Persian Palace' building of area D1. Several mixtures of mud-plaster were applied to parts of one wall. These will be re-examined next season, and the more resilient of them chosen for the conservation of this building - the next on our list of structures to be conserved.

A survey of extant remains in the excavated areas was conducted to identify high-priority projects for first-aid conservation. The state of W10606 - hanging from the baulk above "lower D2" seemed especially worrying. An ugly cement brace had been built under this wall in the '90's, but a 'cave' has since eroded behind it and the brace itself is in danger of collapse. The hollows under, behind, and besides the brace had been filled with sandbags. The result is still not esthetic - but the plan is to rebuild a few of the walls of the 'mudbrick building' of phase 9-10 and refill the space between them and the north and west baulks, in order to hide these supports, and provide a gradual descent from 'upper' to 'lower' D2.